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discover the all-new tna robag® FX 3e - our most advanced vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system to date. Combining industry leading speeds with smart automation and simplified servicing, it offers manufacturers next generation packaging performance.

food manufacturers are experiencing greater challenges than ever before and must therefore find new ways to improve operational efficiencies. In an age of digital transformation and remote services, connectivity is king – intelligent communication between packaging systems and their auxiliary equipment allows operators to make their lines work even more efficiently, improving ROI.

Alf Taylor

Managing Director & CEO

key benefits

high performance

fill 250 bags per minute*, with waste as low as 0.1%


decrease product changeover time with tna's patented unload assist, auto-connect and one-touch recipe change functions


reduce installation and operating costs with smart diagnostics, common components with other tna systems and EtherCAT connectivity

planet positive

reduce waste with tna's patented stripper tube closer and film control features

new features

reinforced stainless-steel doors and tunnel guards for improved reliability

led light in jaw area for easier maintenance

integrated film cutter and tape dispenser for simplified film splicing

*Subject to bag type, film and product.

the complete package

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evolutionary – it’s in the name: the tna robag® FX 3e