Innovations update: High Thermal Conductivity Jaws

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Innovations update: High Thermal Conductivity Jaws

posted on 19 March, 2015 by

At tna, innovation is our lifeblood. And that’s why we recently introduced our new High Thermal Conductivity (HTC) jaws. The innovative design of the new HTC jaws eliminates the temperature stability and seal quality issues associated with Standard Stainless Steel (SS) jaws and provides a new solution to manufacturers looking to optimise bag seal integrity. HTC jaws can be used in conjunction with all our tna robag® packaging systems to effectively seal bags of various film sizes and thickness for superior end seal quality and performance.image of tna's High Thermal Conductivity (HTC) jaws

Developed using composite material, the new HTC jaws are ten times more heat conductive than traditional SS jaws. Their quick thermal response achieves a lower difference in temperature between the heater element and the jaw face to obtain the same heat transfer level as the SS jaw mechanism without burning the seal. As such, the HTC jaw system eliminates any issues related to temperature stability, seal quality and downtime.

While SS jaws have traditionally worked extremely well when used on thin films, temperature stability problems can reduce their effectiveness on thick laminate seal types. At bagmaker start-up, heat is drawn from the jaw face, causing temperature levels to drop and affect the overall integrity of the seal. When running at a steady state, the ends of the jaws can increase in temperature which can burn the film on both sides and compromise the overall quality of the product. Additionally, if the bagmaker is stopped during production, the temperature at the jaw face will overshoot and inevitably burn the bag’s seal.

Based on innovative technology, our HTC jaws can effectively seal thick laminate film by reducing the temperature drop at machine start-up and overshoot at machine shut-down. In this sense, we can ensure optimum bagmaker end seal performance for all film types, while reducing system maintenance and enhancing overall end seal quality.

Together with our industry expertise, maintenance support and engineering knowledge, the new HTC jaws provide food manufacturers with a reliable, high performance solution that meets their exact specification.

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