tna launches new turnkey blending system for dry or wet products


tna launches new turnkey blending system for dry or wet products

Sydney, Australia, 12 September 2017 – tna has launched a new turnkey vibratory motion blending system to accurately mix multiple dry or wet products. The tna roflo® VMBS 3 combines speed, continuous vertical motion and mass flow technology to deliver exceptional blend accuracy, precise recipe control and reduced  ingredient costs. Suitable for both dry and wet environments, the tna roflo VMBS 3 can blend a wide range of products, including baked and fried snacks, nuts and dried fruits, pet food, pasta, cereals and gummies, but is also ideal to mix fresh and frozen products like salads or frozen vegetables.

Incorporating tna’s renowned weighing technology with an integrated load cell, the tna roflo VMBS 3 ensures that each ingredient is measured to the highest level of accuracy, delivering maximum system precision and superior control over both recipe and costs. Each integrated ingredient input module (IIM) of the tna roflo VMBS 3 features a highly compact design, comprising an infeed conveyor with hopper, control conveyor and weigh conveyor, offering some of the smallest factory footprints. Depending on the individual requirements of their recipes, manufacturers can combine up to 22 IIM modules, all of which are centrally controlled by a single controls system. As such, the tna roflo VMBS 3 works with just about any production layout and in any configuration for complete operational flexibility.

The system’s hygienic, washdown design with a stainless-steel construction, no wearing parts and a mobile hopper facilitates cleaning, reduces maintenance and ensures superior equipment reliability. In addition, the tna roflo VMBS 3 operates on natural frequency, requiring minimal amount of energy for a more sustainable production process.

Product blending is becoming increasingly popular across the food industry,” comments Roger Treacher, group product manager – conveying at tna. “Whether manufacturers want to add some beef jerky to their trail mix for an extra protein boost or revive the sales of an existing product line by adding a new flavour to the bag, accuracy is key when it comes to product blending – especially when incorporating more expensive ingredients, where every gram counts. With our new tna roflo VMBS 3 manufacturers can easily expand the concept of the traditional trail mix to other product categories while keeping an eye on their costs. What’s more, the system’s modular setup makes it easy to add more modules further down the line, all while taking up the least amount of floor space.”

The tna roflo VMBS 3 is suitable for a variety of infeed methods, including manual or bulk or directly connected to the processing line. Output can be fed onto a variety of distribution systems, including tna roflo vibratory, horizontal or belt conveyors.

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