tna Florigo ultra-peel® SKC 3 is an efficient peeler machine that operates in batches, weighing your product, to ensure optimized peeling results from small, medium and large potatoes.

Florigo ultra-peel SKC 3

abrasive peeler

Florigo ultra-peel SKC 3

Ensure accurate peeling with the Florigo ultra-peel® SKC 3. This abrasive peeler skins potatoes and other root vegetables in batches, by using weighing technology to ensure optimum peeling results – whatever the product size. Featuring a single, double or triple configuration, the system offers flexibility to meet specific capacity requirements. Simple to operate, the Florigo ultra-peel® SKC 3 has fewer moving parts, for increased reliability.

  • Precise retention control optimises the peeling process for root vegetables of all sizes.

  • Delivers peeling accuracy of potatoes across all seasons.

  • Simplifies operations and ensures long-term reliability.

  • Simple, reliable operation.

standard features

  • Batch operation
  • Weigh hopper
  • Rotating bottom disc
  • Different carborundum grain sizes
  • Unique shaped peeler disc bottom
  • PLC with integrated weigh processor
  • Stainless steel execution (exception fans, pumps, drives, valves, bearings, belts)
Florigo ultra-peel® SKC 3
model name SKC 900 F1 SKC 900 F2 SKC 900 F3 3xSKC 900 F2
capacity kg/hr (lbs/hr) 2500 (5500) 5000 (11000) 7500 (16500) 15000 (33000)
power consumption kW (hp) 4 (5) 8 (11) 12 (16) 24 (32)
water consumption m3/1000kg/hr (cfm/2205lbs) 0.5 (18)
compressed air supply 6 bar Nm (Nm3/hr) 0.5
charging max load kg (lbs) 50 (110)
speed disc rpm 185
grit sizes P16, P20, P24 µm 1324, 1000, 764
all above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to the product, please confirm when placing your order.

  • Potato Chips
  • snacks
  • processing