FOODesign quik-coat MD 5

dry ingredient mandrel dispensing unit

FOODesign quik-coat MD 5

FOODesign quik-coat® MD 5 is the ultimate mandrel dispensing unit that applies a variety of free flowing ingredients consistently onto the top of products passing underneath. The FOODesign quik-coat® MD 5 is custom configured for width and ingredients. Cantilevered for easy removal for maintenance and cleaning, different hoppers can be attached to alternate ingredients and for quick product changes

  • Even, dry application of sugar, salt, coconut, granulated nut, free-flowing breadings including japanese crumbs, parsley flakes, dill, cookie crumbles, cinnamon sugar, cocoa powder and more.

  • Even coverage of products while traveling on a conveyor.

  • Meets sanitary requirements of both USDA and FDA processing plants.

  • Remains clean, no leakage from hopper.

standard features

  • Positive drive dispensing mandrel
  • Widths from 600mm to 1500mm (24″ to 60″)  to fit all applications
  • Drive base interchanges with other FOODesign quik-coat® equipment
  • Completely de-mountable components

optional features

  • Separate hopper for quick changes
  • Recovery conveyor
  • Cantilever trolley
FOODesign quik-coat® MD 5
machine type operating width
mm (in)
application to hopper capacity
L (US gal)
machine length
mm (in)
min. belt height
mm (in)
QC2-MD24 600 (24) topical only 16 (4.2) 270 (11) 1000 (39)
QC2-MD30 750 (30) topical only 21 (5.5)
QC2-MD36 900 (35) topical only 25 (6.6)
QC2-MD42 1050 (41) topical only 29 (7.6)
QC2-MD48 1200 (47) topical only 34 (9)
QC2-MD60 1500 (59) topical only 42 (11)
all above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to product, please confirm when placing your order.
  • seasoning