NID supra-fin®

NID supra-fin®

continuous candy cleaner for starch moulded products

NID supra-fin®

The NID supra-fin® series candy cleaners are high-performance machines that effectively remove starch from moulded confectionery before oiling or sugar sanding. Air-operated high-pressure rotary air-jets mounted above and below an open-weave wire belt ensure the efficient removal of starch articles as they are transported through the system. The NID supra-fin® series candy cleaners are available in two belt sizes, with double or triple sets of spinning air-jets, to match your chosen production rate.

  • Removes starch from all product surfaces at production rates of up to 4,500 kg/h (9,900 lbs/hr).

  • Match production flow to maximise throughput.

  • Integrate quickly and easily with other moguls and finishing equipment thanks to its compact, simple design.

  • Operate from an easy-to-use electrical control panel.

standard features

  • Double air-jets with capacities up to 2200 kg/hr (4850 lbs/hr)
  • 400 mm (16 in) wide open-weave, stainless-steel wire belt
  • Adjustable belt conveyor height
  • Combined air filter and pressure regulator
  • Castor mounting
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Internal dust collection cones and external ports to connect a suitable dust collector

optional features

  • triple air-jets (TLC) with capacities up to 3600 kg/hr (7936 lbs/hr)
  • Adjustable, vibratory product feeder to evenly spread out product
  • Additional air curtains for extra cleaning
  • Dust collector (filter)
tna Supra-fin®
model name DLC (double air-jets) TLC (triple air-jets)
product output kg/hr (lbs/hr) 2300 (5070) 3200 (7056)
net weight kg (lb) 250 (550) 300 (660)
width mm (in) 580 (23)
belt width mm (in) 400 (16)
Adjustable floor to belt height mm (in) 850 – 1100 (34 – 43)
air consumption at 6 bar m3/min (cfm) 2.46 (86.9) 3.69 (130.3)
electrical requirements kW (hp) 0.37 (0.5)
electrical requirements including optional feeder kW (hp) 0.75 (1)
recommended dust collector section m3/min (cfm) 25 (883) 37.5 (1324)
all above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to the product, please confirm when placing your order.
  • gummies & jellies
  • confectionery processing