• food technology testing centre


  • Location: Woerden, Netherlands
    Purpose: product testing for nutritional value, taste, crispiness, oil uptake, texture, etc.
    Includes: cutting, drying, vacuum frying, freezing technology
    Technology: lab-scale vacuum fryer, full functioning laboratory equipment to create reproducible and accurate measurements

  • Steps for testing a product at the centre:

    • Consult with customer(s)
    • Define the scope of research (tests to perform, goals, boundaries)
    • Confidentiality protection (between us and customer)
    • compile test protocol(s)/test report(s)
    • Preparation of test facilities in FTC (raw materials, equipment)
    • execute testing
    • Tasting (panel)
    • Reporting


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*Pictured: Arnaud Jansse is an expert food technologist with over 15 years of experience in food testing and innovation

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