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the Perfect Pair

enhance packaging efficiency with tna’s robag 3e and tna auto-splice 3 packaging solutions

tna auto-splice 3 combines with tna robag 3e vertical form fill and seal system to deliver enhanced packaging efficiency, waste reduction and increased output to give snack and confectionery manufacturers the Perfect Pair of packaging solutions.

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maintain packaging continuity with tna auto-splice 3

tna auto-splice fitted to tna robag 3e is all about improving your line efficiency by allowing your machine operators to replace film rolls and prepare film splices ahead of time without stopping production.

The simple setup and operation will keep your machine running longer, while freeing up your operators so that they do not have to wait for a film roll to finish or, worse, have a machine sitting idle while waiting for a new film roll to be loaded.

The tna auto-splice 3 comes with auto film tracking and can be retrofitted to some existing robag machines.

maintain packaging continuity with tna auto-splice 3

no film-changeover interruption:

Manufacturing plants can deploy tna auto-splice 3 to change film without any packaging interruption, increasing the up-time of packaging lines by up to 5%. This enables the production of up to 2,800 more bags* per line per day, significantly enhancing the output of your entire manufacturing plant.

empower your operators:

Automated film-changing capabilities streamlines manual packaging tasks and gives operators more time to focus on other responsibilities. Not only does this make your human capital more productive and efficient, it also enables operators to focus more of their time and resources on creating value in other areas of your manufacturing operations.

highly compact for floor-space optimization:

tna auto-splice 3 adds significant value without putting strain on your floor space requirement. When integrated with tna robag 3e, tna auto-splice 3 adds only 200mm to your packaging line’s existing footprint, optimizing your floor space while significantly increasing output per station.

seamless integration with robag 3 solutions:

tna auto-splice 3 is compatible with older versions of robag for seamless integration and minimal disruption. Add on tna auto-splice with your new robag order, or retrofit it to existing robag 3Ci machines for a smooth technology deployment and faster time-to-value.

enhance performance and efficiency with The Perfect Pair

The tna robag 3e is the latest development in the evolution of vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machines. Capable of packaging up to 250 bags per minute* with 99%* output efficiency, tna robag 3e vastly enhances the performance and efficiency of your manufacturing plant.

Equipped with a robust feature set — including CXE controller and unload assist features — tna robag 3e makes it easy for operators to smoothly replace formers with different recipes and products, creating a more flexible, more dynamic packaging operation.

combined with tna auto-splice 3, manufacturing plants can deploy The Perfect Pair to achieve the following results:

faster packaging times:

Manufacturers can package up to 250 bags per minute*. This is significantly higher than the industry average, optimizing processing times and vastly improving output.

more efficient performance:

Performance output is complemented by industry-leading packaging efficiency. The Perfect Pair enables manufacturers to hit up to 99%* of target output for greater output, with waste as low as 0.1%* for optimal cost and resource efficiency.

quick and easy product changeover:

tna’s patented former unload assist, auto-connect and one-touch change features enable plants to easily and seamlessly replace products and recipes for seamless packaging across different product lines. This makes plants more dynamic and better able to process different products using a single setup.

The team at tna has been at the cutting edge of the packaging industry for more than 40 years, making us one of the most trusted solutions providers for manufacturing plants across the industry.

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*Subject to bag type, film and product.