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From the humble raw potato to the finished product in a bag, TNA solutions has everything you need to deliver world-class potato chips for your customers in one place.

TNA is a single source supplier for all of your potato chip production needs, including receiving, destoning/washing, peeling and inspecting, slicing, frying/deoiling, sorting, distribution/seasoning and packaging.

Count on us to be fast and dependable, offering full support when you need it, where you need it. From 30+ locations globally, you are never far away from a specially trained TNA expert. From process control to spare parts, maximising your production uptime is our priority.

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tna batch-pro® 150

TNA batch-pro® 150 is the ultimate batch fryer suitable for a wide selection of vegetable chips including potato, taro, banana and plantain. Our standard model can produce 150 kg/h. Featuring a high-efficiency, serpentine heat exchanger tube configuration, the TNA batch-pro® 150 offers direct-fire heating with better efficiencies and lower operating costs.

tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 & 5.1

tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 & 5.1 ensure every chip is consistently delicious. Maintain the highest possible quality seasoning operations with the tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 or 5.1. Accuracy is everything where seasoning is concerned and this innovative system ensures every single chip is perfectly coated for the perfect look, texture and taste.

tna roflo® HM5

tna roflo® HM 5 is the ultimate horizontal motion conveying system that moves product via a slow forward horizontal motion followed by a fast return horizontal motion. Due to no vertical element, the tna roflo® HM 5 minimizes flavour fall off and ensures zero flavour build up in the pan.

tna roflo® VM5

tna roflo® VM 5 is the ultimate vibratory motion conveying system specifically designed to distribute food products from the processing kitchen to end-of-line weighing scales and bag making equipment. Due to the diagonal (horizontal and vertical ) transportation method, the tna roflo® VM 5 is well suited to even out product highs and lows, and offers the most efficient method for the in-line storage, accurate weighing and metering product.

tna robag® FX 3e

tna robag® FX 3e is a high-performance vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system that delivers the fastest speeds in the industry and the latest in automation with real-time EtherCAT® protocol. Featuring a new CXE integrated display controller, smart diagnostic tools and intuitive time-saving components, the system is capable of delivering up to 250 bags per minute (bpm)* with wastage as low as 0.1%, alongside enhanced serviceability. The simplicity of the new tna robag®3e VFFS packaging solution makes it easy to operate, service and maintain.

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TNA creates and sustains complete processing and packaging solutions that help food manufacturers realise goals and exceed their expectations. These solutions are designed for the highest output, minimal downtime and reduced total cost of ownership. Through a global network, spread across 30 countries, the company ensures real-time access to experts, seamless availability of spares and technicians, enabling customers to keep their production lines running smoothly and efficiently.