tna BP 150

atmospheric batch

frying system

TNA batch-pro® 150 is the ultimate batch fryer suitable for a wide selection of vegetable chips including potato, taro, banana and plantain. Our standard model can produce 150 kg/h. Featuring a high-efficiency, serpentine heat exchanger tube configuration, the TNA batch-pro® 150 offers direct-fire heating with better efficiencies and lower operating costs. The fryer’s advanced design includes an integrated sediment removal system that extends the life of the oil and maintains product consistency. BP150 has stir system driven from a single side.

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Key Benefits

Saves natural gas cost and helps preserve our environment, needing >20% less gas than other technologies, and releasing far less heat into the sky, by using a unique high efficiency, single serpentine direct heating system.

Provides tight process control and extreme recipe flexibility by our innovative, supersized heating system.

Prevents the need to dispose of oil by supporting consistent oil quality in filtering out contaminant-generating particles and using large surface areas to gently heat the oil.

Designed for an asset life with low maintenance

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