tna mogul MX

the ultimate
combination of
productivity, versatility,
hygiene and safety

tna mogul MX, designed for the larger tray, provides a maximum capacity of up to 6000 kg/hr, depending on a specific product size, piece weight and starch conditions.

The tna mogul MX fully integrates the automatic tray stack feeder, starch section, depositors, tray stacker and pallet transport.

With unsurpassed versatility in product variation, the moguls accommodate a wide range of depositing pumps and suit a wide variety of starch-moulded products.

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Key Benefits

High volume, up to 35 tray per minute (TPM) production, depending on product shape, piece weight and starch conditions.

Designed around your existing tray size.

High quality confectionery through precision depositing pump movement and temperature controls.

Recipe-driven PLC control and servo-drives throughout.

Tray lift eliminates tailing and permits depositing of special products

Production of any article concept or idea.

High degree of hygiene and sanitation with improved starch containment and full stainless steel execution

Compliance with safety requirements for hazardous locations.

Easy operation with single point touch screen controls.

Reliability and predictive maintenance.

Local support for parts and service.

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