tna tortilla chip fryer

the ultimate
tortilla chip fryer

tna tortilla chip fryer delivers the highest quality tortilla chips at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

With the capacity to deliver up to 3000lbs (1360kg) of tortilla chips per hour, the tna tortilla chip fryer sits at the heart of your line and delivers the stability and consistency you need across a wide range of product styles.

Designed for full product containment, no chip is ever left behind during the production, while its full control system make fryer functions easy to manage and can cover a wide range of cooking styles.

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Key Benefits

Remote heat exchanger for stable temperature control

Flow wheels and submerging conveyor designed for full product containment

Smooth fryer construction for easy cleaning and high sanitary design

Full control system with HMI touchscreen to manage all fryer functions

Oil filter, control panel, circulation pump, and storage tank pre-mounted on skid for easy installation

Flexible to allow for a wide range of cooking parameters

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