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TNA cover the entire tortilla chip production process, both in-house and integrating third party solutions via trusted partners – ovens, for example, starting with mixed dough TNA can handle the rest from pre-sheeting, sheeting, and oven technologies, to innovative frying, distribution, seasoning and packaging solutions.

Our complete solutions take great care of your product from the pre-sheeter to the case-packer, protecting every tortilla chip you create, as well as the reputation of your brand.

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tna pre-sheeter

Creating a ~1/4 inch (5-7mm) thick sheet of masa dough, the tna pre-sheeter gives you the flexibility you need to create a consistent product with confidence. Constructed in all stainless steel, and designed to minimise dough build up downstream, you will benefit from the precision speed and high-level control in a robust, easy to sanitise solution.

tna sheeter

Creating a ~1/4 inch (5-7mm)Rolling masa sheets to a uniform thickness and cutting chips to the customer’s exact specifications has never been easier than with the tna sheeter/ Designed to deliver maximum uptime through its precision speed control to stop dough sticking, fast changeovers and easy cleaning, the system delivers up to 14 rows of product in a low-maintenance package

tna tortilla chip fryer

Creating a ~1/4 inch (5-7mm)With the capacity to deliver up to 3000lbs (1360kg) of tortilla chips per hour, the tna tortilla chip fryer sits at the heart of your line and delivers the stability and consistency you need across a wide range of product styles. Designed for full product containment, no chip is ever left behind during the production, while its full control system make fryer functions easy to manage and can cover a wide range of cooking styles.

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TNA creates and sustains complete processing and packaging solutions that help food manufacturers realise goals and exceed their expectations. These solutions are designed for the highest output, minimal downtime and reduced total cost of ownership. Through a global network, spread across 30 countries, the company ensures real-time access to experts, seamless availability of spares and technicians, enabling customers to keep their production lines running smoothly and efficiently.