New Realities in Food Production

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Keep Snack Brands Competitive by Boosting Efficiency up to 20%

Leaders from Richmond Baking and tna will discuss key product handling considerations

Doubling Output and Minimizing TCO on Snack Lines in a Fast-Changing Marketplace

Industry leaders will share how they turn packaging speed and flexibility into solutions

Reduce Costs and Footprint with Precision Snack Processing

Experts will highlight the benefits that can be reaped when building an integrated processing line

Maintain Flavor Consistency and Decrease Waste with the Right Seasoning Solutions

Join experts from tna to learn how to produce snacks featuring the newest flavors and top-selling favorites with simplified, quick-changeover seasoning solutions that will minimize customer complaints, reduce product waste and increase efficiencies.

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Bindu Panicker

Global Communications Manager, tna solutions Pty Ltd.


Teri Johnson

Vice President, tna North America

Jack Newman

Regional Sales Manager, tna North America

Joaquin Sanchez

Solutions Engineer, tna North America

Patrick Avelange

Regional Sales Manager, tna North America

Toby Steward

Regional Sales Manager, tna North America

Marcus Jones

Product Development Team Leader, tna North America

Daniel Luna

Processing Solution Specialist, tna North America

Simon Hill

Regional Sales Manager, tna Europe

Adam Holloway

Regional Sales Manager, tna North America

Rodney Mcintosh

Technical Support Engineer, tna North America

Special Guests:

Special Guests:

Bill Quigg

President, Richmond Baking

Bill Benzel

Project Engineer III, Campbell’s Snacks

Marty Van Duyn

CEO, World Food Products