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Innovations Update: Fully enclosed cams for tna robag 3 series and robag 2ci

posted on 25 July, 2016 by

image of fully enclosed cams for the tna robag® 3 series and robag 2ci bagmaker systemsAs packaging systems continue to advance, tna wants to ensure that its customers continue to benefit from not only the most efficient technology available, but also the most reliable equipment on the market. This goal led us to our most recent innovation update, fully enclosed cams for the tna robag® 3 series and robag 2ci bagmaker systems.


As the tna robag 3 series and robag 2ci have evolved, their speeds have increased significantly. These systems are the fastest bagmakers on the market, and their incredible speeds put additional demand on various mechanical components. Due to their increased speeds, the systems have experienced a reduction in the lifespan of their stripper tube-closer, as well as an increase in rejects due to product in seal detection (PISD).

Our engineers quickly discovered what was causing the problem: the stripper tube-closers on the robag systems were previously only in contact with an open cam when the bag seals are made, which was about half of their rotation. During the other half of their rotation, the stripper tube-closer arms were leaving the cams and hitting against steel stops. This was leading to a premature wearing of these stops, which was impacting the overall system.


To eliminate this impact wear, our engineers developed “fully enclosed cams” for our robag systems. Now, the stripper tube-closers are always in contact with the cam, throughout their entire rotation. This small change has made a big impact, eliminating the premature wearing of the steel stops, minimising “bounce” of the stripper tube-closers and reducing rejects caused by PISD.


The new fully enclosed cams provide several key benefits:

    • significant cost savings due to fewer PISD rejects and extended life of the stripper tube-closers
    • less operating noise
    • better bag presentation with less pleating
    • improved control of stripper tube-closers at speeds of 160 bmp

better bag separation and fall to the take-away conveyor