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For complete french fries solutions, there’s no better choice than tna.

tna helps customers by providing complete processing and packaging solutions to create the ultimate french fry products from a single source. As your partner, we bring more than 40 years of innovation, french fry production experience, and a global network of experts in more than 30 locations worldwide.

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Wash, destone, and clean your raw materials just before the peeling system. tna offers a complete range of solutions to suit all factory layouts and capacities; our destoning and washing range spans from 5000 Kg/hr up to 40,000 Kg/hr.



Peeling solutions from tna integrate seamlessly with all washing and destoning solutions to provide cost-effective steam peeling. Available in a range of capacities, from large to small, our peeling solutions use innovative and time-tested centrifugal technology that efficiently peels off loosened skin from potatoes with minimum product loss.



tna offers the ultimate solution for continuous french fry frying with an advanced process to boost the efficiency of your production line. Our Florigo conti-pro® PC 3 with patented opti-flow® technology offers longer oil life with lower acrylamide formation to produce higher quality products consistently.



tna is the only solutions provider that offers both vibratory motion and horizontal motion conveyors to gently distribute your products from point-to-point.

Our conveying solutions not only help the product to reach from one section to the other in the factory without breakage or seasoning loss using horizontal and vibratory motion, but it can also help in sorting them by size or even blending different ingredients precisely.

In addition, our switcheroo technology enables total direction reversibility and our lifteroo feature provides vertical transfer. Uniquely designed for compact footprint and ultimate hygiene.


Cooling and Freezing

tna offers both cooling and freezing solutions to preserve the integrity and quality of your french fries. Our FOODesign cryo-jet® 5 is an advanced ambient air-cooling system that strips away heat up to 10 times faster and in less space than alternative cooling methods. It effectively reduces freezer maintenance and cooling cost by removing excess heat before freezing.

The secret to preserving the perfect taste in every french fry is an efficient and effective freezing process. Our Ferguson ener-freeze® FFV 3 is well known in the industry for innovative air flow distribution technology that freezes french fries evenly, preserving taste and quality.



tna offers a wide range of multi-head weighers designed to cater to your specific and unique french fries production requirements.

tna intelli-weigh® omega series of multi-head weighers brings the ultimate efficiency, simplifying your weighing process while running wet or dry applications. Our advanced hygienic design goes beyond industry standards with stainless-steel construction and waterproof scales, which makes maintenance and product changeovers fast and easy.



tna arctic® 3 is the perfect packaging solution for french fries using polyethylene and laminated films. The perfect bagger for french fries, our tna arctic® 3 meets stringent sanitary requirements, handles wet-washdown cleaning, and is suitable for wet and cold environments.

Our packaging and weighing systems provide ultimate control for weighing accuracy and include flexible packaging options for various types of bags and sizes.


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