project management services 

We don’t just supply manufacturing equipment and leave you to do the rest — we actively work with you throughout the installation, execution and monitoring processes to ensure smooth function throughout the lifetime of your equipment assets. We’re your partners every step of the way. 

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end-to-end technology support from installation to execution 

Our project management staff members are highly trained in the operation of our technology and is committed to providing support throughout the process of modernising and activating your manufacturing solutions. The project managers at TNA work according to strict timelines, ensuring your manufacturing equipment goes live fast and shortening the time-to-value of your technology investments. 

Our project managers handle the time-consuming and labour-intensive installation and maintenance processes so you don’t have to. We ensure that each of your projects is finished on time and within budget while giving you the bandwidth to focus on the priorities that matter most — delivering value to your customers.

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modular solutions tailored to your specific business needs 

Each of our modular solutions can be tailored to your specific floor and production line requirements. Here’s how our project management services help drive your business success:

We assess your plant and business layout and help you identify the equipment products that are best suited to your floor space requirements. All of TNA’s manufacturing solutions are compact and efficient, ensuring minimal floor space usage for maximum line efficiency.

get the most value from your technology investment 

Our project management staff members are dedicated to your business throughout the duration of your relationship with us. Every project manager that works on your account maintains a holistic understanding of your manufacturing priorities, business objectives and project requirements to deliver service excellence. 

Additionally, our project management services come with unlimited access to our experienced technical specialists, who are trained to provide routine maintenance, parts updates, technical fixes and more to help you extend the lifetime of your equipment and maximise the ROI of our technology investment.