food processing solutions

Florigo ultra-clean® COMBO 3

combination drum washer and destoner

Florigo ultra-clean® OC 3

cyclone destoner

Florigo ultra-clean® WT 3

drum washer

Florigo ultra-peel® SKC 3

abrasive peeler

Florigo ultra-peel® SSC 3

steam peeler

Florigo ultra-peel® ODC 3

centrifugal dry de-skinner

Florigo clear-cut® SWM 3

water cutting system

Florigo hydro-wash® WTP 3

shear washing system

Florigo hydro-wash® SW 3

speed washing system

Florigo thermo-wash® HW 3

hot washing system

Florigo hydro-clear® OWB 3

de-watering belt system

Ferguson accura-dry® BD 3

belt dryer

Florigo conti-pro® PC 3

atmospheric continuous frying system (potato chips)

FOODesign batch-pro® 12

atmospheric batch frying system

Florigo vac-pro® 3

vacuum continuous frying system

Florigo conti-pro® PEL 3

atmospheric continuous frying system with integrated defattening belt (pellets)

Florigo conti-pro® FF 3

atmospheric continuous frying system (French fries)

Florigo conti-pro® DAL 3

atmospheric continuous frying system (moong dal, chana dal)

FOODesign immerso-cook® NUT 16

Continuous direct heated oil roasting system (nuts and seeds)

Ferguson ener-freeze® FFV 3

cooling & freezing tunnel

FOODesign cryo-jet® 5

ambient air cooling system