food processing and packaging applications

At TNA, we’re committed to supplying advanced manufacturing equipment that meets your varied packaging and processing needs. Our solutions are specifically designed to enable food production across a wide variety of applications, including baked snacks, French fries, nuts and more.

Discover why TNA is the manufacturing solutions provider of choice for businesses around the world.

advanced manufacturing equipment across all food production applications

We support your business no matter your processing and packaging needs. Our manufacturing solutions span the full breadth of food production applications, giving you a technology partner you can trust.


Food companies gain the technical capacity to handle large volumes of snack production for delicious product outcomes every time.

french fries

Use our frying solutions and supporting manufacturing equipment to create savoury French fries products that meet all your customers’ tastes and preferences.


Produce high-quality pellets and extrusion products that conform to your highest taste, texture and appearance standards.


Delight your customers and build long-lasting relationships through the creation and delivery of consistently high-quality nut snack items.

baked snacks

Our end-to-end baked snacks manufacturing solutions enable the creation of flavourful baked snacks that exceed your customers’ high expectations.

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