food processing and packaging

Our innovative processing and packaging solutions are designed to improve performance while maintaining product quality across the entire production cycle. Whether you’re producing nut snacks, French fries or sugared candies, our equipment can help you achieve manufacturing excellence.

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a range of advanced processing and packaging solutions

With four decades of experience delivering value to our customers, we’ve developed a level of expertise across every facet of food packaging and processing. When you work with TNA, you can feel confident knowing you have a partner with the solutions and expertise that fulfil your business requirements.

Our innovative solutions include:

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a commitment to efficiency and quality

At TNA, we’re committed to providing you with innovative manufacturing solutions to optimise every phase of the production cycle. Our extensive range of food packaging and processing solutions are equipped with advanced, patented technology to ensure efficient processing of all types of food products, snack items and confectioneries.

Our solutions deliver speed and efficiency, but we never compromise on quality. Each one of our machines is purposefully designed to handle large quantities of food product with delicacy and care, enabling you to deliver consistently high-quality finished products to your customers every time.

combine different product offerings for an optimised experience

You can integrate multiple combinations of our food processing and packaging solutions for a more efficient, seamless production line. Our integrations help you reduce product breakage and resource wastage, bringing your operating costs down and maintaining a higher level of product consistency. Our team at TNA will work with you to understand your business and identify product solutions — and integrations — that best enable you to achieve your business goals.

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