onsite and remote support

At TNA, we offer full-service and accessible support solutions to ensure that you can get the assistance you need, when you need it. Our on-site and remote support services help keep your equipment running as it should to facilitate safe and efficient production while giving you peace of mind that equipment support is always available.

Here’s a peek at each of our support solutions and what they can help you achieve:


Once our machines are installed in your facility, we know that our job isn’t done. Our on-site service solutions encompass the entirety of our 360 customer care program. And we offer flexible service contracts to suit your needs. On-site support includes:

  • Planned and structured maintenance.
  • Audits and inspection visits.
  • Spare parts installation.
  • Upgrades, refurbs and retrofits.
  • Equipment relocation services.
  • In-person training.

These on-site aftermarket services help ensure that your TNA equipment remains reliable for many years to come, and our equipment and maintenance experts are always happy to help.

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We understand that not everyone can make time for in-person support, and that some pressing issues require more immediate responses. That’s why we offer remote assist services that enable comprehensive support remotely by combining our expertise with Microsoft’s HoloLens2 technology. Using HoloLens2, we’re able to:

  • Perform remote troubleshooting and diagnosis.
  • Execute remote training, factory and site acceptance tests.
  • Provide real-time after care assistance.
  • Configure tune-ups.
  • Afford consulting services.
  • Administer software and firmware updates.

Remote support helps minimise downtime and maximise production by effectively eliminating wait times that are often required for in-person installation, service or training visits. It also enhances collaboration between our customers and engineers, enabling real-time visibility into the plant and equipment to provide bespoke guidance on how to resolve issues.