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We will continue to share our success with those who are less fortunate

Nadia and Alf Taylor foundation

At tna, an important part of our culture is to give back which we do through the Taylor Foundation, focusing on education, social enterprise and healthcare.

The Taylor Foundation was founded in 2002 by Nadia and Alf Taylor, directors of tna solutions, after visiting an under resourced school in South Africa.

Fuelled by their belief in equal opportunities for all, they decided that same day to build a new school facility for the 300+ students and their journey has continued to change the lives of over 150,000 people since.

Over 20 years later and still charged with Nadia and Alf’s passion to help more people, the Foundation has developed into a global collective of changemakers who share a passion for helping others.

They Taylor Foundation is unique in that they:

  • donate their own funds to over 150 social impact projects across 43 countries
  • offer their team of philanthropy advisory experts free of charge to other organisations and individuals simply to enable the most impactful global giving and change more lives together
  • offer The Enable Fund as a tax effective giving platform to changemakers to ensure 100% of every donation reaches the projects they choose to support

For more information visit and reach out to Taylor Foundation COO: [email protected]