Why flexibility in end-of-line packaging is key

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Why flexibility in end-of-line packaging is key

posted on 26 October, 2011 by - Managing Director and CEO

Alf Taylor, tna founder & CEO


Flexibility is a term that is all too easily referenced in the packaging sector but is a term that means different things to different people. At tna, it is a mantra and here’s why:


To food manufacturers and processers, flexibility means having the ability to switch, and if necessary, scale production and packing priorities to deal with seasonal or market fluctuations in demand. To materials producers, it means being able to quickly and confidently conceive and market the latest cutting edge pack formats films and wrappings to make best of inventory whilst improving product attractiveness.


To us, the equipment manufacturers, it means staying nimble and proactive in design, installation and service to ensure we are able to deal with new demands that rise throughout the process. Flexibility image med size.jpg



Flexibility means being innovation led


Packaging can sometimes be seen as a controversial sector but customer and consumer trends have impacted it significantly as companies work together to try and innovate waste whilst improving sustainability. We are seeing a constant stream of innovations in packaging requirements whether it is in material configuration, shape, size, weight, durability and shelf attractiveness which requires flexible machinery to be able to process them at quicker speeds and in greater output.





And when we conceived the world’s first rotary vertical form fill and seal baggers for the snack food industry way back in the early 1980’s, we had no idea that turning the process literally on its head would bring significant efficiency and performance benefits to so many operators in the food packaging sector.




We followed this up with the tna roflo ®VM (vibratory motion) conveyor which transports any product over any distance or design layout, ensuring continuous product flow, optimal output and efficiency.




And we introduced the latest in seasoning technology with the tna intelli-flav® 3 on-machine seasoning (OMS) system optimises flavour dispersion and ensures consistent coverage. tna intelli-flav® 3 main line seasoning (MLS) is highly accurate for optimal seasoning results.




Along with integrated developments in spraying, scanning and metal detection, I’m proud that as a result of thinking and acting flexibly, there are now more than 6,000 installed tna products making a difference in end-of-line packaging around the world.




Everything we do is geared towards improved productivity and reduced waste – in material, product and process. I think that, embodied in 6,000 installations, makes tna pretty flexible.




What does flexibility mean to you?