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We will continue to share our success with the poorest of the poor – in particular children


The tna foundation was established in 2002 off the back of the commercial success of tna solutions pty ltd. Our founders Alf and Nadia Taylor have a strong commitment to sharing their success with those who are less fortunate.

Since 2002, tna foundation has supported over 200 charities across 30 countries in a range of different projects. We focus on assisting the poorest of the poor, prioritising children and concentrating on providing education, shelter, food, healthcare and relief work. By building partnerships with organisations, we ensure that our donations are used in the most effective and efficient ways as well as making sure this support goes to the people it is intended for.


Our portfolio

  • Yearly profits donated = 15% - 20%
  • Direct beneficiaries = 4,895
  • Indirect beneficiaries = 15,000
  • 50 partner organisations
  • 20 countries


Mainess' story - Chingola, Zambia, Africa

After her husband passed away, Mainess struggled to feed and provide for her four children. She came up with the idea to start a chicken business, and tna offered Mainess the equivalent of $300 to support her goal. But before accepting the money, Mainess built a chicken run with the help of her oldest son – proving her determination to be self-supportive despite facing many challenges. Today, Mainess’ chicken business is up and running. She is able to provide for her family, sells chickens to the Blessed to Bless organisation for school lunches and has more self-confidence than ever.



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