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tna's strength lies in our teamwork – every one of us works together to serve our customers to the highest possible standards. Our professional attitudes and dedication to teamwork enables us to deliver the solutions our customers need.


This commitment to the customer is the core belief that drives everyone at tna, from our management team through to every single one of our valued team members all over the world.

Below, meet the members of our executive team...


Alf Taylor - Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director (CEO and MD)

Nadia Taylor - Director and Cofounder

Michael Green - Group General Manager

Robert (Bob) Fritz - Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Lawrence Roos - Chief Product Development Officer (CPDO)

Shayne De la Force - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Erwin Mulders - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Marianne Dsouza - Chief People & Culture Officer (CPCO)

Jonathan Rankin - Chief Sales Officer (CSO)



upcoming events


  • Prosweets
    28 ~ 31 January, 2018

  • Snaxpo
    12 ~ 14 March 2018

  • Anuga Foodtec
    20 ~ 23 March 2018

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