6 signs it’s time to upgrade your candy equipment

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6 signs it’s time to upgrade your candy equipment

posted on 1 March, 2023 by - product marketing manager – confectionery, seasoning, distribution

As changes in consumer trends continue apace around the world, it’s heartening to know that the gummy candy market continues to thrive. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% between 2016 and 2022*, there are big opportunities for manufacturers to not only consolidate but also grow their market share.

But growth is only going to be possible if manufacturers have the equipment, they need to supply candy to their clients that satisfies the latest consumer trends. While we have seen tna forté MHP 3 machines lasting over 60 years, all confectionery processing equipment eventually reaches the point where it needs to be upgraded.

So, here’s our 6-point checklist that shows your confectionery processing equipment is in need of an upgrade:

If you’re finding it harder and harder to source the electrical components you need to maintain your confectionery processing equipment, that’s a clear sign that the machine is reaching the end of its life.
Consider a full control cabinet upgrade at this point to give the machine new lease of life.
Alongside this, if you find that you’re ordering more spares every year then you’ve got a clear indicator that it’s time to look at a new tna forté MHP 3.

Safety first
The safe running of your confectionery processing equipment is of paramount importance and even more so with the continuous evolution of safety regulations.

If your machinery doesn’t pass a safety audit, then it’s time to upgrade. The most common areas we see requiring attention (and where upgrades are available) are:
• Light curtain
• Safety Sensors on all doors
• Automatic tray insert/eject for tray weighting and dirty tray removal
• Explosion relief valves
• Explosion prevention measures
• Mechanical guarding

Demand outstrips your ability to supply.
The global confectionary market is growing, thanks in part to new innovations shaped by changing trends. If your confectionery manufacturing production isn’t able to meet the demand, then it’s time to consider upgrading your equipment.

Options at this point range from upgrading to a new line such as the tna forté MHP 3 or installing a servo-upgrade such as:
• Servo tipper arms
• Servo printer table
• Servo feeder and stacker
All these upgrades will allow you to maintain a high level of efficiency while increasing the total
tna forté MHP 3 output.

Too many rejects
A confectionery processing equipment that has a high rejection rate – and by that we mean a rejection rate above 1% – is costing your business money.

If you have tried all other avenues to improve the rejection rate, then upgrading your confectionery processing equipment is essential.

Aim to replace your machinery with a system that has a low rejection rate and that can adapt to changing manufacturing conditions automatically. Simplicity is vital – the more elements you add to a machine, the more work and resource is needed to keep everything running reliably and efficiently.

Production capability
In order to produce gummies and jellies in the plethora of shapes, sizes, formats and colours modern consumers demand, flexible starch moulding technology is a must.

Using a pump which offers a range of piston diameters and configurations means confectionery manufacturers can produce all sorts of different recipes from light aerated mass to heavy liquid- based syrups. Plus, flexibility is important to produce single colour or side-by-side colour candies as well as centre-fill, layered and striped sweets.

In short, if the flexibility provided by starch moulding technology isn’t found in your current production line, then it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Draining resources
A final sign that it’s time to upgrade is the amount of human resource your confectionery processing machinery needs to function.

More manpower is a sign that the technology within the machine is becoming obsolete as modern confectionary manufacturing equipment is capable of running independently and with minimal supervision.

Having the capability to quickly flex and meet emerging consumer trends is crucial so consider upgrading your confectionery processing equipment if you recognise any of the issues we’ve outlined. Our specialists have decades of experience and in-depth technical know-how, so if you want to talk about how tna can help gummy manufacturers increase the flexibility of their processes and maximise efficiency, get in touch today.

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*Global Data, Gums and jellies 5-year growth (2017-2021)

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