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A cut above the rest

posted on 24 May, 2012 by - Managing Director and CEO

Performance and efficiency have defined the packaging industry in recent years, with the challenging global trading environment making every second and every penny count more than ever. At tna, we’ve seen a definite move by our customers towards increasing productivity from existing equipment.

For us, optimising performance is two-fold – increasing the speed of the machinery, while also making sure the quality of performance is the same or greater than before. It’s no use having a form, fill and sealing machine that boasts speeds of 500 bags a minute if those bags are poorly sealed and have to be rejected. This defeats the whole purpose of improving performance!

Sealing a great performance

Sticking with your conventional packaging machinery is perceived as the easy, safe route, however, turning the process on its head can reap huge rewards. And that’s exactly what tna did 30 years ago, with the very first vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagger, the robag®. Designed to provide both flexibility and high speeds, yet be compact, the robag®’s simple, efficient vertical design uses fewer parts to help maximise uptime, while also maximising output. Fast-forward several innovative enhancements later and you get the tna robag® 3ci – a machine that continues tna’s unrivalled heritage of trailblazing in packaging performance and efficiency.

With unprecedented throughput rates of up to 250bpm and up to 30% improvement in performance in both output and reduction in rejects, it really is the best in its class. Where else would you get a bagger like that?

A smooth operator

Of course, upgrading to super efficient bagging equipment is only one step on the path towards the ultimate in performance. A packaging line is only as good as the sum of all its parts – and if part of that line is letting you down, it’s probably time to do something about it. Remove any chinks in your armour by assessing the whole of your packing line, including the conveying system.

Ever wish that you could reduce the amount of products that get damaged? Want a more reliable conveyor that will ensure your uptime is set to 11? Want a fast conveyor that keeps your product intact?

The answer? A vibratory horizontal motion conveying system, such as the tna roflo®VM3. And we’re not just saying that because we made it – it really is the best you can get. Not only will you get fast, smooth conveying, but breakages will a thing of the past. For an added bonus, automated and digitised conveying lines get you even more bang for your buck, further increasing speed while reducing labour costs.

Is your packaging line performing as well as it could? If you hesitated in answering that, then get in touch with the experts.?