Around the world, meet tna’s newest team members

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Around the world, meet tna’s newest team members

posted on 22 June, 2017 by

This is the perfect opportunity to show you who is working tirelessly behind the scenes at tna and introduce some of the new faces in our ever growing global team. As innovation is key to success in the processing and packaging industry, we are always looking for la ‘crème de la crème’ to help provide complete solutions and the support you need quickly and efficiently.

Bankok, Thialand

  • Oliver Uwe hess – Operations Manager

Barcelona, Spain

  • Jordi Escalas Espada – Regional Sales Manager

Birmingham, United Kingdom

  • Mark Stephenson – Technical Support Engineer
  • John Macara Hobkirk – Project Manager
  • Raymond James Starrs – Product Development Engineer

Dallas, Texas, USA

  • James Byrne Howell – Technical Support Engineer
  • Rodney G. McIntosh – Technical Support Engineer
  • Kristin Bell – Project Manager

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Abdelrahman Lotfy Mohammed Elsayed Kandee – Regional Sales Manager

Johannesburg – South Africa

  • Frik Smit – Technical Support Engineer

Melbourne, Australia

  • Sanjaya Perera – Customer Service & Logistics Coordinator
  • Andy Sinnasamy – Customer Service & Logistics Coordinator

Mexico City, Mexico

  • David Arturo Cornejo Barrios – Divisional Sales Manager
  • Juan Carlos Sanchez Larios – Regional Sales Manager
  • Alberto Diaz Duran Tangassi – Regional Sales Manager
  • Marco Antonio Gonzalez Perez – Technical Support Engineer

Moscow, Russia

  • Alexandra Vyacheslavovna Simakova – Regional Sales Manager

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

  • Michael Mariani – Regional Sales Manager

Shanghai, China

Xu Sishun – General Manager

Sydney, Australia

  • Lourens Grobler – Technical Support Engineer

Tokyo, Japan

  • Shuntaro Yamasaki – Regional Sales Manager

Wettringen, Germany

  • Sanja Miletic – Office Administrator
  • Murat Durgun – Regional Sales Manager
  • Christopher Geerligs – Technical Support Engineer

Woerden, The Netherlands

  • Iris Stitselaar – Office Administrator
  • Grace Creutzburg – Office Administrator
  • Jacobus Henricus Maria Boom – Technical Support Engineer
  • Carel Pfaff – Group Product Manager – Processing
  • F. van Manen – Aftermarket Sales Manager
  • Yuri de Vries – Sales Manager