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Benefits Drive Growth of Batch Frying

posted on 5 December, 2016 by

image of potato chipsBatch frying has emerged one of today’s fastest-growing production techniques, as manufacturers around the globe look for new ways to meet increasing consumer demand for healthy snacks. Batch frying systems have helped to enable double-digit growth of the fruit and vegetable chip market over the last several years, creating new opportunities for healthier versions of this leading snacking segment.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits behind the growth of batch frying systems:

  • Less oil absorption. Batch frying systems allow manufacturers to cook products at a lower temperature for a longer length of time, which seals the outside of the product and reduces oil absorption. Since oil uptake is minimized, manufacturers are able to market their products to customers as “reduced fat.”
  • Reduced acrylamide formation. Using lower cooking temperatures also reduces the formation of acrylamide, a chemical that has been linked to health problems. In recent years, the World Health Organisation, the Food and Agricultural Organisation, and other agencies have recommended manufacturers decrease levels of acrylamide in their foods, which has prompted many companies to incorporate newer frying techniques.
  • Improved texture. The lower-heat cooking of batch frying also helps achieve the perfect crunchy texture that consumers crave, since excess moisture is gradually boiled off. This makes batch frying ideal for kettle chips, a snack whose market share has grown steadily over the years.
  • Minimised caramelisation and colour formation. High-temperature frying can sometimes cause caramelisation and change the colour of fruit or vegetable chips, causing an inconsistent end product. However, the lower temperatures of batch frying allows for slower, more even cooking, which reduces the changes of caramelisation and colour changes.

As batch frying continues to grow in popularity, new innovations in frying and processing equipment are enabling manufacturers to seamlessly and cost-effectively add this method of frying to their production lines. Read our whitepaper, “Top considerations when selecting frying equipment”.