FOODesign: Getting to know the team

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FOODesign: Getting to know the team

posted on 21 October, 2014 by

Joe Mistretta, general manager of tna’s new acquisition FOODesign, introduces his team of food processing experts.

Here at FOODesign, our strong engineering background and industry expertise means we offer innovative products and services to food processors across the globe. We have joined forces with tna to provide total packaging and processing solutions to a range of industries across a fast growing customer base. Behind our success is a team of dedicated professionals who act as the oil to the FOODesign engine. I’m proud to introduce just a few of the individuals who are vital to the operation of our company.



a picture of Joe Mistretta

I believe people are the lifeblood of any organisation

– Joe Mistretta

I joined FOODesign in April this year as the company’s freshly appointed group sales manager, supporting the processing global sales team and working with customers to find cost effective solutions to processing challenges. With a background in mechanical engineering, I have 21 years sales management experience in delivering processing, seasoning and material handling solutions for capital projects. In 1993, I emigrated to the United States having previously worked extensively across Asian and Latin American cultures. As an Englishman in the USA, I’m helping to keep alive the wonderful game of football, otherwise known as soccer, and also enjoy skiing and cycling.



a picture of Beth Mistretta

I nurture my passion for reading through several book clubs

– Beth Mistretta

I started working for FOODesign more than 10 years ago to provide guidance in cost accounting as well as engineering support. Today, I support a range of operations, including accounting, human resources and engineering. I started to accumulate experience in food processing equipment back in 1985 when I part-owned a small industrial food processing equipment company. When I’m not working, I spend time with my family and fundraise with the local garden club, as well as take part in book clubs.



a picture of Lee Synder

I enjoy writing and performing my own music

– Lee Synder

After joining FOODesign in 2002, I’ve taken on the role as shop foreman, overseeing manufacturing and managing the process of custom-designed machinery. I started working in the food processing machinery industry back in 1977 as a sheet metal mechanic and gained experience in heavy industrial machinery for about 20 years before joining FOODesign. My interests outside FOODesign involve music, motorcycles and family. I have a granddaughter and grandson who have enriched my life tremendously.



a picture of Tim Albright

Outside work, I spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors

– Tim Albright

With 15 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry, I joined FOODesign just over 3 years ago. My role holds a number of responsibilities such as prioritising requests, seeking quotations and evaluating inventory needs, as well as managing the inventory/shipping department. There are many aspects in my work that I enjoy, but I particularly appreciate the people I work with and the value we place on each individual customer. Outside the workplace, I love being outdoors. My favourite pursuits are fishing, kayaking, camping and snowboarding.



a picture of Sean James

I’m an avid supporter of the Oregon Ducks!

– Sean James

As manufacturing manager at FOODesign, I’m responsible for planning, organising and controlling manufacturing to ensure that goods are produced efficiently, on time, within budget and to a high quality standard. I bring 12 years’ experience in systems, processes and people management to FOODesign. I thoroughly enjoy working as part of a talented team and resolving various challenges presented to us by the industry. Outside the manufacturing world, I like to spend quality time with my wife and enjoy camping, golfing and rooting for the Oregon Ducks football team.



a picture of Jon Thompson

I’ve never known a dull moment at FOODesign

– Jon Thompson

I’ve been at FOODesign for 15 years, first as a designer and now as design team leader. My focus is on engineering – whether that be designs for new equipment or support for existing equipment. I’ve worked in the food processing equipment industry for almost 20 years and have never known a dull moment at FOODesign – each day brings new ideas to work with and fresh challenges to resolve.

We look forward to meeting you – and finding out how we can support your packaging and processing needs.