Funding brighter futures: The tna team digs deep to donate to School For Life

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Funding brighter futures: The tna team digs deep to donate to School For Life

posted on 31 January, 2022 by - Co-founder and Director at tna solutions

On 23 November 2021, something amazing happened at tna offices around the world. Hundreds of donations, big and small, poured in as our colleagues took part in the School for Life Foundation’s 24-hour Giving Day – an initiative dedicated to funding educational programmes for vulnerable girls and women. After a day of collecting, promoting and stellar team spirit, the tna team raised a staggering AU$ 40,700 for School for Life. This total was then tripled by a matched pool of generous supporters. This incredible donation will help ensure that more girls have access to a quality education, helping them grow up to become happy, healthy and fulfilled members of a more prosperous community.

Inspiring a new generation of little learners

Founded in 2008 by two enthusiastic Australian aid volunteers, School for Life is a non-profit organisation committed to empowering communities in rural Uganda through education and social enterprise. Its ongoing mission is to ‘educate poverty out of existence’ by taking a holistic view of schooling and how it interacts with cultural expectations, social barriers and other contributing factors. Since the construction of the Foundation’s Katuuso Primary and Vocational School (KPVS) in 2011, School for Life has supported the education of more than 1,000 children, giving them a safe space to learn, grow and look forward to a brighter future.

Championing girls’ education

As part of its driving ethos, School for Life believes that every child deserves access to the educational resources they need to realise their full potential. In the case of its female students however, a host of additional barriers make achieving this goal even more challenging. In Uganda, figures suggest that at least 700,000 girls between the ages of six and twelve have never attended school, and one in two young women between the ages of 15 and 24 are illiterate.

The ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has further limited girls’ access to education in the country, exacerbating already existing issues such as a higher prevalence of premature school drop-out, increased pressure to support the family financially, early and forced marriage, higher STI rates and more unwanted pregnancies. To help tackle these inequalities, the School for Life Foundation launched the $2.75 million Girls’ Fund in October 2020 – an ambitious commitment designed to galvanise international action for supporting the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable young women.

Our commitment to quality education

From the very beginning, we have worked to ensure tna’s successes are shared with the international community, particularly vulnerable children. This dedication found its ultimate expression in the work of our humanitarian organisation, the Nadia and Alf Taylor Foundation, but the tna staff contribute to our charitable projects too. We are so proud of the incredible contributions they made during School for Life’s 24-hour giving day – a great event dedicated to a cause that’s very close to all our hearts at tna. Supporting the Girls’ Education Fund is just one of the amazing contributions the tna team makes every day to help build brighter, happier futures for all.

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