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Going the extra mile

posted on 7 May, 2012 by

?Natasha Avelange, Group Operations Manager




You’re all familiar with our comprehensive product portfolio and heritage for innovation, right? Well, our products are actually just half the story at tna. We’re also dedicated to delivering the very best levels of service to you, our customers. In today’s increasingly digital world, the personal touch can make all the difference to your buying experience. That’s why we’re proud to have one of the most highly skilled and driven customer service teams in the business.



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Back to basics


A positive customer service experience can leave you feeling on top of the world – not only has your problem been resolved, but the company went the extra mile; answering your call or email in record time, calling back when they said they would, providing the right levels of technical knowledge to solve your issue quickly…  For us, it’s all about getting the basics of customer service right as these form the very foundation on which your whole customer experience is built. We focus on 3 key areas to help solve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible; providing a quick response to your queries in a professional, enthusiastic and personal manner; actioning the required responses in a timely manner; and ensuring we follow it up to its full completion and to your satisfaction. Service is always a priority for us.




Whether you need help finding the best application solution and process design, or you need support for installations and equipment maintenance, or you want to improve operational efficiencies though equipment and systems training, we can draw on our extensive packaging and processing expertise to help you. 




Credit where credit’s due


As you’ll already know, we like to do things differently at tna and we never rest on our laurels. Driven to succeed, we always strive to improve and acknowledge excellence in customer service, as ultimately this ensures you receive a superior service across the board.





We believe every team member has a part to play in delivering the ultimate customer experience. As a result, we reward excellent customer service in our annual ‘Golden Stripper’ awards. Voted for by our tna peers, these awards recognise those at tna that go the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction, taking the time to understand the unique challenges of your business, and applying innovative thinking to constantly exceed your expectations.




Excellence is the lifeblood of tna. And ultimately, if you’re happy, we’re happy too.





Ever had a company go the extra mile for you? What did the company do to give you that warm fuzzy feeling and make you want to go back for more? Share your stories of customer service below – we’d love to hear from you.