Is your seasoning system delivering in these areas?

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Is your seasoning system delivering in these areas?

posted on 31 July, 2012 by

David Woollard, Group Sales Manager – seasoning


Snacking accounts for almost half of all ‘eating occasions’ in the US . Think about it, that’s huge, and a significant shift in food culture and behaviour. Snacking is a vast global industry, yet without the seasoning technology behind it, snacks would be nothing.

Variety is the spice of life

Let’s face it, consumers are fickle – 1 in 4 claim that new flavours are an important decision factor when buying seasoned snacks . While new flavours are great for meeting consumer demand and keeping their snacking appetite satiated, it also means that food manufacturers must be flexible enough to ensure their products stay flavour of the month. This is where selecting the right seasoning equipment, such as the tna intelli-flav® range, can have a positive impact, both in terms of opening up the potential seasoning and oiling combinations, and optimising product quality and turnaround times.

Recipe for success

Having the freedom to adapt to changing consumer tastes and preferences and exercise individual recipe control are essential to optimise seasoning performance. With production schedules often pushed to their limit, and multiple snacking products produced on the same factory floor, the time needed to switch between flavours can make a huge difference to your output. Downtime is money is this industry, so select kit that’s easy to set up, and is hygienic and easy to clean between flavour changeovers.

Waste not, want not

Accuracy is also key in the seasoning world – not just so that an even, consistent coating is delivered to every single product, but also so that waste is minimised. While it’s a huge industry, snacking is also a highly competitive one, and imperfect, ill-seasoned products just won’t cut it. Adequate seasoning management and application can make all the difference in delivering picture perfect products and avoiding unnecessary wastage. Look for independent drum drives with variable speed control and adjustable angle options – this ensures you get the desired application and correct percentage of flavouring. Not that we’re boasting, but our new tna intelli-flav® OMS 3c gives you a seasoning accuracy of between 0.35 and 0.7 SD, and a 6 percent application rate. Plus, with a dynamic weigher that responds to variation in product, the amount of seasoning delivered is always relative to throughput.
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