Webinar Wisdom: Modern challenges in food manufacturing

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Webinar Wisdom: Modern challenges in food manufacturing

posted on 17 April, 2024 by - Chief Sales Officer

with Eric Geling, chief sales officer, and Simon Hill, group product information manager, TNA solutions

In a recent webinar hosted by Packaging Europe and featuring our own Eric Geling and Simon Hill, challenges in the food processing and packaging industry were discussed with an audience of industry professionals.

One of the major points covered was how consumer trends towards healthier choices are driving pack sizes down in terms of grammage – crisps, for example, are commonly being downsized from 20g to 14g. In addition, a push towards more sustainable packaging – either through reduced plastic weight or the adoption of recyclable substrates – means changes to operations are inevitable.

This, coupled with the fact that consumers continue to demand greater choice, leading to increased SKU levels, means greater automation is required to keep pace. Equipment needs to be flexible enough to deal with smaller batches, facilitate fast changeovers, and be able to run product at high speeds.

Both Eric and Simon said that working with a complete solutions partner that has the depth of knowledge and portfolio to deliver against any challenge will add significant value across the lifetime of the solutions selected. They were keen to stress that rather than looking at solutions purely from a Capex perspective, a broader vision that focuses on return on investment and total cost of ownership is where true value is added.

If we take packaging operations as an example, the ‘Perfect Pair’ combination of the tna robag® 3e vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) system and the tna auto-splice 3 is the innovation that helps food producers drive efficiency on the line in the short, medium and long term. The two advanced systems together feature a CXE integrated display controller and automatic film splicing, which combined can deliver up to a 5% increase in production uptime. The result is a more productive and profitable packaging line, capable of producing up to 2,800 more bags per line, per day, contributing to faster return on investment.

Further, single-serration jaws help to reduce the consumption of more sustainable materials such as biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) – a recyclable but non-biodegradable substrate. Enabling a 5-millimetre material saving per seal, on VFFS systems producing just 150 bags per minute, these savings total 2.26 million bags per month. If you imagine a factory with 10 packaging lines, operating for 12 hours a day, close to 400 kilometres of film can be saved per month.

If we also look to automate case packing operations, which is a notorious bottleneck, particularly if undertaken manually on a high-speed line, this is truly the icing on the cake. The tna ropac® 5 is currently the fastest case packer on the market, with throughput speeds of up to 200 bags per minute. Its tool-less changeovers facilitate quick and hassle-free adjustments, making it a user-friendly choice for manufacturers running a variety of products, while its compact footprint maximises space on the production floor.

There is so much more to consider than capital cost, as Eric and Simon pointed out, and working with a complete solutions provider will ensure that whatever solution is selected will be right for your specific operational needs. Balancing customer demands with efficiency, sustainability and, of course, profitability will ultimately put you in the driving seat to deliver.

With its expertise in processing and packaging solutions, TNA enables snack producers to realise goals and exceed their expectations. These solutions are designed for the highest output, minimal downtime and reduced total cost of ownership. TNA has acquired several food processing brands in the last several years, including the acquisition of Florigo 2015. Since these acquisitions, TNA has been updating existing technologies while retaining supreme food processing capabilities. End-to-end expertise, world-class project management and a comprehensive aftermarket offer complement a complete solutions portfolio, covering every aspect of snack processing and packaging.

For a complete overview of the benefits of selecting a complete-solution partner, download our whitepaper – from start to finish: the top 10 reasons to use a single source supplier – here.