Why software integration of packaging equipment is crucial to a successful packaging line

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Why software integration of packaging equipment is crucial to a successful packaging line

posted on 13 June, 2012 by

Kerryn Ball, Software Manager

Packaging lines, no matter what you’re producing, are made up of many different components. From bagmakers to date coders to weighers, these devices can be difficult to set up in isolation, let alone when they need to be coordinated as part of the whole system. With a drive to achieve maximum performance, only by integrating your packaging equipment software can you ensure that you have a successful packaging line with low waste and high efficiency every time.

Intelligent co-ordination

Integrating your packaging equipment software makes product selection a piece of cake. Why? Without integration, every product changeover requires the operator to set up each component individually, leaving the packaging line open to error, and consequently, waste. In our experience we’ve seen just how easy it is to forget to adjust one of the devices in the line, which can lead to entire batches being packaged incorrectly. However, with integrated software, you can ensure that the correct settings are loaded on to the entire packaging line with a single action to get the right results the first time.

Complete control

Software integration allows single point control of the line. Running the machine can be done from one position, rather than having an operator monitoring each individual device. Similarly, should an error in the packaging line be reported, it’s flagged up and addressed from the same place, ensuring that it can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

At tna we understand how important it is for you to make the most of every second. That’s why all of our packaging equipment can be integrated with the tna intelli-sys® continuous motion control software to ensure that you benefit from an efficient packaging line, with significantly reduced waste. Contact one of our technical advisers today to see how we can make your packaging line a success.