NID supra-fin® SC 3

continuous sugar coating system for starch moulded confectionery

NID supra-fin® SC 3

The NID supra-fin® SC 3 delivers consistent sugar coating of starch moulded jelly and gum-based confectionery for a truly homogenous finish. This continuous sugar-sanding system features a steaming conveyor and sugar sanding drum that can be fully integrated into a mogul confectionery processing line, delivering capacities of up to 3,600 kg/hr (7,930 lbs/hr).

  • Steam product surfaces as the product is transported into the coating drum.

  • Accurate and precise sugar delivery with controllable screw conveyor

  • Sugar dust control with available suction hoods

  • Lower sugar moisture and increase runtime in the drum.

  • Empty sugar quickly with reversible discharge drum drive.

  • Operate from an easy-to-use electrical control panel.

standard features

  • Steam jets with independent control, above and below steam jets
  • Manual valves to regulate steam
  • Auto shut off valve for steam
  • Exhaust fan for steam
  • Chain-guided, stainless-steel wire mesh belt, 500 mm (19.6 in) wide
  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Stainless-steel steaming conveyor and stainless-steel drum
  • Twin drum design, innovated by NID, for automatic recirculation of sugar
  • Sugar hopper mounted on drum with easy-access pivot hinge
  • Adjustable vibratory feeder (delivers sugar to the drum)
  • High-efficiency contra-flow sugar-circulation curtain
  • Hot air delivery into the drum with variable temperature control and fan speed control
  • Product supply input sensor (on the steaming conveyor)

optional features

  • Adjustable, vibratory product feeder to evenly spread out product
  • Output steaming conveyor
NID supra+A30:F45-fin® SC 3
drum section
product output kg/hr (lbs/hr) up to 3200 (7056)
weight kg (lb) 600 (1323)
width mm (in) 1200 (47)
length allowing for sugar hopper swing mm (in) 2300 (90.5)
sugar hopper capacity liters/kg (gal/lb) 85 / 75 (22.5 / 165)
speed rpm 19
electrical requirements kW (hp) 9.5 (12.75)
input steaming conveyor section
weight kg (lb) 260 (573)
width mm (in) 1025 (40.35)
steam supply pressure bar (psi) 4 (58)
approx. steam consumption kg/hr 600 (1323)
electrical requirements kW (hp) 3 (4)
vibratory feeder-spreader section
weight kg (lb) 280 (617)
electrical requirements kW (hp) 0.5 (0.7)
all above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to the product, please confirm when placing your order.
  • gummies & jellies
  • confectionery processing