remote assist

remote assist

  • on-demand remote commissioning and support

    the tna remote assist digital support service enables immediate access to tna’s global expertise. Powered by the Microsoft HoloLens 2, tna remote assist allows users to connect directly with technicians, share what they see in real-time and receive precise instructions. From installation, testing and commissioning, to fault finding, troubleshooting, factory acceptance tests and user acceptance tests, users can access tailored support remotely.

  • why avail of the remote assist service

    • no need to wait for in-person installation, service or training visits
    • minimises downtime, maximises production and avoids project delays
    • saves costs incurred by in-person visits
    • real-time assistance and support
    • remote access to a wide range of solutions with the help of multiple experts at the same time
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  • what you can achieve

    • remote diagnosis
    • remote troubleshooting
    • remote commissioning
    • software and firmware updates
    • configuration tune-ups and consulting
    • factory acceptance tests
    • and more
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contact your technical support team for more information about tna's remote assist and other customer support services.

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