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training solutions for food processing companies

  • inspire new standards of excellence

    It all starts with tna’s training solutions. Our team of experts combines classroom-based learning with practical problem-solving and interactive participation for a training experience that goes far beyond your standard operating instructions.

  • why invest in professional training with tna

    • Increase workforce skill levels
    • Improve workplace safety
    • Maximise efficiencies in use and improve yield
    • Enhance motivation and encourage career advancement
    • Reduce system downtime
    • Extend machine lifetime through expert maintenance standards
    • Further develop team’s troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
brilliant course. ian gilbert, tutor, along with steve burgess, really put us through our paces. their knowledge of the tna machines was unbelievable
andrew brown, engineer, burton’s foods
  • tna's trainer explaining the mechanics of food processing and packaging systems to machine operators and maintenance engineers.
  • training methods

    We offer a variety of convenient ways for our customers to learn about our products anywhere, anytime including:

    • online: our MATES (Multimedia Advanced Training Education System) is a cost effective, on-demand, online learning system available wherever the customer has internet access;
    • offsite: practical hands-on training at one of tna's demonstration facilities around the world by a tna certified trainer (max 12 people);
    • onsite: job-specific training available on the customers site in live operational situations by a tna certified trainer (max 12 people).

  • target audience

    Our product training targets the following two (2) customer roles:

    • machine operators
      Our-product-specific operator training includes safety, operation, trouble-shooting and cleaning requirements.
    • maintenance engineers (electrical & mechanical)
      Maintenance training is separated into electrical and mechanical training modules for flexibility of the job role. Each module includes identifying and explaining the product specific devices together with their set-up and removal.

  • choose from three skill levels

    Each module contains assessments and problem-solving situations in which participants must achieve 75% or above to progress to the next level. Upon successful completion of each training module, you and your company each receive a ‘tna certified operator’ or ‘tna certified engineer’ accredited certificate as proof of mastering the training course.

    1. compulsory
      who should take this course? Operators as well as engineers
      duration of the course: One day per machine
      content: General and technical skills for operating the machine,data entry, powering up, understanding of functions, alarms, set points, internal systems, screens.

    2. intermediate / service
      who should take this course? Engineers who have completed the compulsory course
      duration: Two days for each solution, one day for weighing
      content: Entering programme and value meanings, strip down machine for complete mechanical understanding, overview of electrical controls, and more.

    3. guru
      who should take this course? Engineers / mechanical engineers
      duration: Three to four days
      content: All mechanical and electrical items, run through of controls, equipment software.

at walkers, we’ve had four jaw workshop sessions to help with installing tungsten and improving the lifespan of our knives and anvils. as a result, we saved approximately 27% on usage alone in the first six months after training
  • A trainer from tna is giving the live demo on technicals of food processing and packaging systems, that goes far beyond standard operating instructions.
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