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For complete confectionery solutions, there’s no better choice than tna.

With NID as part of tna’s family of brands, you get access to over 60 years of NID experience coupled with tna’s cutting-edge innovations. tna specialises in applications including gums, jellies, marshmallows, fondant cremes, liquorice, hard candies, chewy candies, caramels and crusted liqueur to name a few.

You’ll find service is fast and dependable thanks to our expert regional technical support engineers who speak your language and local tna locations carrying your spares.

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Measure, blend and prepare your ingredients for the perfect confectionery recipe. Customised to fit your specific needs, we offer and partner with a variety of equipment suppliers from smaller laboratory environments all the way to full-scale solutions for large production runs.


Starch Moulding

Our starch moulding systems address important concerns including:

  • ATEX compliancy
  • Fully stainless-steel construction
  • New mechanisms to prevent stops to the equipment
  • More control over start levels, circulation and volume
  • Brushless tray cleaning

Plus, our NID moguls include a fully integrated feeder, starch buck, depositor, stacker and pallet transport system in one piece of equipment. For all-in-one solutions that allow you to deposit in single colour or two-and three-colour combinations.



tna offers a wide variety of finishing equipment to meet your production needs

EXCLUSIVE: tna intelli-flav OMS 5.1
All-in-one finishing solution with sanding and polishing using one drum and loss-in-weight technology for the perfect finish

NID supra-fin solutions
A full range of equipment for oil and polishing, cleaning, and sugar coating for starch moulded confectionery products



tna is the only solutions provider that offers both vibratory motion and horizontal motion conveyors to gently distribute your products from point-to-point.

tna roflo VM
Vibratory motion conveyors with dimpled pans to prevent confectionery from sticking

tna roflo HM
Horizontal motion conveyors to prevent loss of special coatings



tna robag vertical, form fill & seal, high-speed packaging solutions reach incredible speeds up to 300 bags per minute* on a wide variety of confectionery applications, with extreme efficiency.

Our packaging and weighing systems protect candy, (example: chocolate never touches the heat imparted jaw); give more control for weighing accuracy; and include flexible packaging options for various types of bags and sizes.

When it comes to confectionery packaging, tna continually leads the way with complete, integrated solutions that maximise performance, flexibility and simplicity.


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