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The social scene

posted on 6 April, 2016 by

Take a look at some of the top articles and research making a scene recently:

image of a globe paperweight on a computer keyword, used as a representational image for worldwide updates for the food industryKeystone Food Products expands snack production

A leading producer of corn-based snacks adopted tna packaging technology to further expand its production capabilities and meet greater demand for smaller bag sizes.

‘The US consumer has changed’

Research finds that traditional factors such as price, taste and convenience are holding less influence in US consumer purchasing decisions, while health and wellness, safety and social impact now matter more.

Revolutionise your product packaging strategy in 2016

Innovative packaging design is one approach for engaging consumers, 31 percent of whom consider packaging to be very or extremely important to their overall product satisfaction.

Enhancing food security through sustainable packaging

How might flexible packaging options help to solve the global food security problem?

World Potato Congress welcomes new directors and international advisor

Find out who has joined the World Potato Congress Board of Directors and International Advisory Committee to help advance the group’s new strategic plan to achieve a more proactive role in the global potato industry.