Sydney, Australia (4 December 2013): tna, the global leader in packaging and processing solutions, has launched a new main line spray system which delivers optimum coverage and flavour adhesion. The tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 is a cutting-edge closed loop oiler (CLO) suitable for use across a range of industries where it delivers highly accurate and concise oil application in tumble drums for product flavourings and other uses.

The latest in the tna intelli-flav® CLO series of closed loop oil sprayers, the tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 builds on the successful design of previous CLO systems but now includes additional features and improvements to ensure customers obtain the most consistent seasoning application in the industry with an extended product life. These combine to produce a sleeker, more hygienic and more operator-friendly main line system which provides exceptional accuracy in application on salty, baked and extruded snacks as well as on nuts, biscuits, crackers and pet food.

Suitable for main line seasoning in particular, the tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 uses coriolis mass flow measurement and a closed feedback loop.  Its revolutionary technology also allows for a variety of application rates by increasing the number of spray guns. Combined, this ensures that the sprayed liquid meets the target requirement even when levels fluctuate to provide the most consistent, even oil coverage available in the market today. This regular, even coverage then enables highly accurate seasoning adherence.

In addition, the tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 is the only oiling system in the world to offer an air filtration system which ensures 99.9% of the facility air is clean and completely dry as moisture can dramatically reduce product shelf life.  The tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 also uses FQT spray gun air atomising and airless nozzles to meet any required range from 6kg/hr to 250kg/hr. And while highly technical in its capabilities, the tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 is easy to use. Operators can simply choose a recipe and the system can be set to go.

Commenting on this exciting launch, David Woollard, seasoning group sales manager – tna, said: “Manufacturers are looking to maximise efficiencies and ROI throughout their production processes and reducing raw material costs is a key way they can achieve this. In snacks manufacturing, for example, oil is often one of their highest financial outlays. The tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 offers a new and unique spraying system which enables them to not just control the levels of oil application for optimum product quality but also ensure what is sprayed is applied in an accurate way, exactly where it should be. Ideal for main line seasoning, the tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 also has applications for ‘on-machine systems’ too. It is a valuable addition to our leading tna intelli-flav® seasoning range.”

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