Florigo, a tna company and leading food processing equipment manufacturer, takes its processing capabilities to a new level with the company’s breakthrough high performance 25 t/h fryer. One of the biggest French fryers in the world, the new system boasts several new innovations, demonstrating Florigo’s unparalleled food processing ingenuity. Thanks to unprecedented throughput of premium quality French fries and speciality potato products, this giant fryer boosts sales and profits by allowing customers to improve product quality and save on material costs. It also offers new perspectives on easy-to-clean features and an oil filtration system that is efficient in removing all particulates to help maximise oil life. As part of tna’s complete line of processing and packaging solutions, this cutting-edge frying technology demonstrates the manufacturing excellence that this dynamic partnership can bring to customers – anywhere in the world.

“In an industry where every French fry counts, it’s imperative that manufacturers can process products quickly and efficiently to meet the ever growing consumer appetite for fried potato products with a superior taste. Our new 25 t/h fryer certainly satisfies these demands, offering the industry a real engineering breakthrough,” comments Henk Boon, group processing solutions manager – EMEIA.



As well as these clear performance and efficiency benefits, the revolutionary 25 t/h fryer incorporates industry-leading zonal flow technology with six different zones equally divided over the length of the fryer. Each zone has a controlled oil inlet and outlet for optimum oil flow throughout the fryer kettle. This combined with innovative laminar flow technology helps to ensure a constant oil velocity around the product for optimum heat transfer during frying. The result is a consistent, high quality potato product.

Key to reducing oil loss or wastage and maintaining profitability is oil management. With outlets in each zone, oil is continuously drained from the system removing all fines and particulates, while freshly filtered oil is injected to maintain optimum oil temperature over the fryer length. In addition, the fryer’s self-supporting belt ensures reduced oil volume in the frying kettle, guaranteeing a low oil turnover time of approximately 10 hours. What’s more, since there is no support construction underneath the belt, any leftover particles and product debris is quickly flushed through the system, improving the oil flow pattern and ensuring optimum product quality.

Boon adds: “We’re so excited to be introducing a fryer with such high and diverse processing capacities to our customers around the world. In today’s market, consumer preferences are much more discerning and refined. They want more choice, more food that’s readily available, but they also want products that taste great, and exhibit a desirable colour and texture for a multi-sensory experience. And manufacturers need to respond to this while ensuring their business remains successful. We’re really proud to be one of the very few companies in the world to possess the capacity and engineering knowledge to cater to this fast moving and dynamic market.”

Constructed of food grade stainless steel, the new fryer features fewer corners and areas for particulates to build-up. This, in conjunction with the system’s easy-to-clean design, significantly shortens washdowns and enables manufacturers to uphold the highest hygienic standards. In addition, the machine has a lost-motion lifting hood which allows users better access to each part of the system – simplifying cleaning, inspection and maintenance procedures.

Commenting on the new product, Michael Green – managing director, tna says: “Throughout our company history and together with Florigo, we endeavour to develop pioneering processing and packaging solutions and bring those to the global market. With Florigo’s supreme food processing capabilities and tna’s expansive international network of sales, technical support and manufacturing facilities, we’re able to deliver products and ideas that will guarantee business success for food manufacturers around the world. This project demonstrates that together we can revolutionise the food manufacturing industry.”

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