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Booth #5135, Pack Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada, September 26 –28 2011

Las Vegas, US (18 August 2011) – Food packaging solutions specialist, tna presents its latest innovations at Pack Expo 2011.  Focusing on delivering simplicity and flexibility, tna highlights its roflo®VM 3, a vibratory motion transfer and distribution system, unique seasoning system – the new tna intell-flav®OMS 3 plus the tna robag® 3c RDJ 320 bagger, complete with new tna 314 Ω multi-head scale.

The innovative tna 314 Ω multi-head scale is designed to be seamlessly integrated with vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) bagger, the tna robag® 3c. Amplitude feedback sensor technology increases speed and accuracy to achieve the desired amplitude with minimal power. Weighing speeds are increased by up to 30% and energy consumption reduced by up to 60 percent . When paired with the tna robag® 3c bagger, reaching packaging speeds of up to 200 bpm, the tna weigher-bagger combination delivers a high-speed, high-accuracy packaging solution for improved productivity and reduced waste.

For consistent coverage of flavor and seasonings, the company is showcasing the tna intell-flav® OMS 3 on-machine (OMS) seasoning system. With a responsive variable mass seasoning system that incorporates a dynamic vibratory weigher that responds to variation in product, tna’s latest addition to its intelli-flav® range of seasoning solutions, the tna intelli-flav® OMS 3 optimises product coverage and flavour dispersion now in a worldwide first with both wet and/or dry applications.  Its gentle tumbling action minimizes product damage while a bias-cut seasoning feeder results in optimal flavor dispersion.  Users can proportionally control flow rates reducing risk of over or under seasoning. Furthermore, the tna intell-flav® 3 allows multiple flavoring on one production line.

The tna intell-flav® 3 and other solutions in the tna portfolio are designed with innovation and efficiency in mind to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced food packaging sector. For minimum wastage and maximum output, the tna roflo®VM 3 electromagnetically-driven vibratory motion conveyor operates at high speed, but with a gentle motion to ensure product integrity. The tna roflo® VM 3 transports any product without limit on distance or design layout. It also ensures continuous product flow, smoothing any build up for optimal output and efficiency. Plus, it can easily handle any incline design. The tna roflo® VM 3 represents the lowest running cost conveying system available on the market today with low energy consumption. tna presents the ultimate, cost-effective distribution system  by combining the tna roflo®VM 3 with the tna roflo®HM 3, creating a gateless that design gently transports product and minimizes breakages, loss of flavor and cross-contamination.

Pack Expo visitors can tap into tna’s expertise and see the above systems in action on booth #5135.

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