tna to demonstrate how its complete turnkey solutions can meet the latest snack trends at snaxpo 2017


tna to demonstrate how its complete turnkey solutions can meet the latest snack trends at snaxpo 2017

Leading food processing and packaging supplier tna to showcase how its start-to-finish solutions can help snack manufacturers tap into the latest consumer trends

tna booth #529, SNAXPO, Savannah, United States, 1-4 April, 2017

Visitors to this year’s SNAXPO in Savannah, Georgia, will get a chance to find out how tna’s turnkey processing and packaging solutions can help them tap into the latest consumer trends whilst maintaining unprecedented levels of performance. With equipment ranging from materials handling, processing, cooling, coating, distribution, seasoning, weighing, packaging, inserting and labelling, metal detection and verification solutions – tna is the only supplier in the snack industry that offers complete turnkey solutions for every step of the production line. Together with the renowned expertise of its global team of experts, tna’s start-to-finish solutions can help snack manufacturers meet the growing demand for snacks that taste great, are healthy, reasonably priced and offer unique snacking experiences.

“The US snacks market is one of the largest and most diverse snack industries in the world,” comments Mark Lozano, sales manager at tna. “Whether it’s healthy kale chips or premium truffle flavored chips, the market is filled with new product innovations. But today’s consumers are expecting more than ever before. Snacks not only have to taste great, but also need to deliver unique experiences, show value for money, be fun and are presented in small single serve bags. In addition, over a third of Americans say that they would feel less guilty about consuming unhealthy foods if they contained a healthy ingredient,[1] further increasing the need for continuous innovation. With the snack industry evolving at such a rapid pace, it’s vital snack manufacturers have access to technology that will help them maximize the opportunities this flourishing sector is offering without risking their profitability or reputation.”

 “At tna, we have been developing innovative equipment solutions for the last 35 years,” adds Lozano. “Whether they’re looking for cutting-edge frying technology to produce healthier snacks or precise seasoning equipment that reduces raw material costs or fully integrated, high-speed packaging systems that deliver industry-leading speeds, our turnkey solutions not only help snack manufacturers stay ahead of the latest trends, but also improve performance at every step of the line. For example, our FOODesign batch-pro® 12 portfolio of direct-fired batch fryers is equipped with some of the industry’s most innovative features. This includes a uniquely designed high-powered heater and highly effective oil filtration system that can turn any raw material into a crunchy batch-fried chip while delivering significant gas and oil savings.”

Besides a digital showcase of tna’s complete range of integrated turnkey solutions, booth 529 will also feature an on stand demonstration of tna’s versatile inserting and labeling equipment. Now available fully integrated into tna’s robag VFFS packaging system, the Unique Solutions PouchPlus® 1000 and LabelPlus® 360 enable the high-speed application of promotional labels and/or insertion of value-added two-dimensional items, such as coupons, and three-dimensional items like toys or dry or liquid-filled sachets into primary packaging.

To find out more about tna’s complete portfolio of start-to-finish solutions for the snack industry, visit booth #529 at SNAXPO or go to

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