tna to demonstrate single-source solutions capabilities at pack expo


tna to demonstrate single-source solutions capabilities at pack expo

Dallas, United States, 10 September 2019 – With an objective to help manufacturers keep up with fast-paced consumer demands, leading food processing and packaging solutions provider tna, will demonstrate its capabilities to deliver single-source solutions, proven to boost throughput capacity and speed at scale, without increasing waste or compromising on quality and accuracy. An immersive, interactive experience in a multi-sensory environment will enable visitors to explore tna’s comprehensive capabilities as a single-source solutions provider for key applications including French Fries, Potato Chips, Gummies and Pellets.

A customer-centric approach dominates tna’s presence at Pack Expo this year. CEO, Jonathan Rankin, along with top experts from US and Latin America will be at hand to address any production challenges and suggest innovative solutions to help customers stay ahead of the game.  To enable attendees to fully grasp the overall design, construction and accessibility, tna will leverage Augmented Reality technologies giving visitors a better spatial understanding of larger products — and even end-to-end production lines. This will include everything from tna’s high-performance batch fryers, to its distribution and packaging lines.

Elaborating on tna’s efforts, Jonathan Rankin, Chief Executive Officer commented, “Our focus this year is to deploy the combined expertise of the team to offer innovative technology solutions that will help attendees stay ahead of the curve, and more importantly, cater to the ever-evolving demands of the food industry. When tna was founded, our offering was a single, innovative packaging machine (tna robag®). Today, we are proud to be a single-source supplier for an entire food production line. Whether you’re looking to build a new one, or upgrade your current production line, we are here to partner and provide the perfect solution.”

tna, booth US-7304, Pack Expo, Las Vegas, 23 – 25 September 2019