Florigo conti-pro PEL 3

atmospheric continuous frying system with integrated defattening belt (pellets)

Florigo conti-pro PEL 3

A continuous frying system with a difference – the Florigo conti-pro® PEL 3 incorporates a four-belt design to handle a wide range of pellets and product shapes. The first belt transports products carefully, the second removes oil using a tumbling method, and the third ensures any remaining oil is drained away. This technique enables consistent product flow for even frying to produce high-quality products, while minimising oil turnover.

  • Create unique flavours and high-quality pellet products with laminar oil flow and well-controlled four-belt frying process for capacities of up to 1,500 kg/hr (3,300 lbs/hr)

  • Attain unparalleled efficiencies with extremely accurate flow control and distribute temperature evenly with patented opti-flow® technology

  • Realise faster return on investment by minimising oil usage through optimised oil turnover times with a unique design adapted for low oil volume

  • Lower your TCO with an optimised design for easy operation and maintenance with three positions of fryer hood for production, inspection, cleaning and maintenance

  • Effortlessly achieve your OEE goals with an internal clean in place (CIP) system for ease of access and cleaning; no oil remains after draining the fryer

  • Promote health and sustainability through four-belt system that allows comprehensive de-oiling to prevent pellets from carrying excess oil, and frying at constant temperature for reduced acrylamide formation

standard features

  • Retention time control – adjust depending on the type of pellet
  • Various product infeed systems
  • Oil injection cassette
  • Touch screen operating system
  • Continuous oil filtration through drum filter
  • Oil circulation system
  • Heat exchanger
  • Submerge belt
  • Discharge belt
  • Integrated defatting belts
  • Integrated clean in place (CIP) system

optional features

  • Oil storage tank
  • Oil demister in fryer exhaust
Florigo conti-pro® PEL 3
model name nominal capacity kg/hr (lbs/hr) frying times (sec) external natural gas heater kW (hp) oil circulation system frying time <10-20 sec skid-mounted oil circulation system full flow fine filtration by drumfilter thermal oil heater
SP200 200 (440) 8-20 50 (67) standard standard optional standard optional
SP300 300 (660) 75 (101) standard standard optional standard optional
SP400 400 (880) 100 (134) standard standard optional standard optional
SP500 500 (1100) 125 (168) standard standard optional standard optional
SP650 650 (1400) 165 (221) standard standard optional standard optional
SP800 800 (1770) 200 (268) standard standard optional standard optional
SP1000 1000 (2200) 250 (335) standard standard optional standard optional
SP1200 1200 (2645) 300 (402) standard standard optional standard optional
SP1200 + >1200 (2645) standard optional optional standard optional
all above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to product, please confirm when placing your order.
  • Pellets - Dry