Florigo hydro-wash® WTP 3

Florigo hydro-wash WTP 3

shear washing system

Florigo hydro-wash WTP 3

This potato slice washing system, or as it’s better known – the Florigo hydro-wash® WTP 3 – removes starch to prevent potato slices from sticking together. In addition, it collects only full-size potato slices and places them in a single layer for even frying. Perfect for smaller capacity production lines, this system is always reliable.

  • Removes starch and collects only full-size slices for optimal preparation ahead of frying.

  • Isolates full-size slices and prepares them in a single layer for even frying.

  • Minimal maintenance requirements for higher productivity.

  • Separates starch for use in other applications and cleans water for reuse – lowering water consumption.

standard features

  • De-watering vibrator
  • Water circulation system
  • Water tank
  • Stainless steel execution (exception fans, pumps, drives, valves, bearings, belts)

optional features

  • Starch recovery system
Florigo hydro-wash® WTP 3
model name WTP VS 300
capacity slices kg/hr (lbs/hr) <1200 (2645)
infeed height mm (in) 3050 (120)
outfeed height mm (in) 1645 (65)
outfeed width mm (in) 550 (22)
total length mm (in) 4545 (179)
total width mm (in) 2246 (88)
washing pump m3/hr (cfm) 60 (2119)
fresh water m3/hr (cfm) (wo. starch removal/1000kg (2205lbs) slices) 1.75 (62)
fresh water m3/hr (cfm) (with starch removal/per 1000kg (2205lbs) slices) 0.3 (11)
water content L (US gl) ca. 800 (176)
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