Florigo vac-pro 3

vacuum continuous frying system

Florigo vac-pro 3

Consistently produce high-quality fried products with lower fat content by choosing the Florigo vac-pro® 3. Suitable for a wide range of root vegetables and fruits, the continuous vacuum fryer operates at lower temperatures to reduce oil absorption, while also minimising acrylamide formation – no matter the sugar content of the raw materials. The result: a healthier product with more natural colour, taste and texture.

  • Create unique flavours, chip textures and high-quality products via a continuous vacuum frying process alongside a patented vacuum defatting unit for capacities of up to 1,100 kg/hr (2,400 lbs/hr)

  • Attain unparalleled efficiencies through vacuum frying at lower temperatures, by reducing energy consumption and manpower resources

  • Realise faster return on investment by extending oil quality for longer periods thanks to lower temperatures and absence of oxygen during the frying process

  • Enjoy long-term cost savings in with a kettle that can be fully removed for better accessibility and faster maintenance

  • Reduce downtime considerably with easy to clean design; large gaps between pipework and easy access to all parts ensure systems works reliably for 30 years or more*.

  • Promote wellness and sustainability with low acrylamide level build-up while frying, while no vapour emissions during the frying process eliminate unappealing smells/fumes in the factory.

standard features

  • Rotary infeed system and vacuum discharge lock
  • Vacuum system: pumps with lubrication oil containers, air filters, condensers, oil demister, condensate water collection tank
  • Discharge lock
  • Oil circulation system: pump, heat exchanger, oil filter
  • Temperature and pressure control

optional features

  • Oil storage tank
Florigo vac-pro® 3
application potato chips vegetable chips potato sticks
output capacity fryer kg/hr (lbs/hr) 100-500 (220-1100) 1500 (3300) 250 (550) 350 (770) 1100 (2400)
configuration single stage two stage single stage single stage two stage
size of application mm (in) 1.2 (0.05) 1.2 (0.05) 2.5 (0.1) 6×6 (0.24×0.24) 2×2 (0.08×0.08)
bottom belt standard standard standard standard
flow wheels standard standard standard standard
immersion belt standard standard standard standard standard
outfeed system with belts standard standard standard standard standard
vacuum pressure mbar 100 (optional 35)
defatting optional optional  –
all above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to product, please confirm when placing your order.

  • Potato Chips
  • snacks
  • processing