tna batch-pro 12

atmospheric batch frying system

tna batch-pro 12

Choose the tna batch-pro 12 for highly efficient batch frying of a wide selection of vegetable chips, including potato, taro, banana and plantain. Featuring a serpentine heat exchanger tube configuration, the batch fryer system provides direct-fire heating for improved energy efficiencies and lower operating costs. Thanks to its high-speed, three-stage oil filtration system, the tna batch-pro 12 extends oil life and maintains product consistency too. In addition, an automatic stirrer eliminates racking and prevents damage to the internal transport system.

  • Achieve ideal batch chip textures with consistent quality through complete control of the frying process for capacities of up to 275 kg/hr (600 lbs/hr)

  • Enhance outputs using a combustion skid with a high flow blower that offers up to 80% energy efficiency

  • Boost profits by increasing oil life with sediment removal system and oil filtration that removes particles as small as 500 μm

  • Reduce total cost of ownership with durable stainless-steel construction that meets the highest safety standards for the longest lifecycle possible

  • Minimise downtime with easy-to-clean design; large gaps between pipework and easy access to all parts ensure systems works reliably for 30 years or more

  • Attain unparalleled sustainability by saving more than 20% natural gas compared to other technologies and reduced heat emissions thanks to single serpentine heating system

standard features

  • Mirror-finished single serpentine stainless steel heating tube
  • Solid PTFE (Teflon) stirring tines
  • Dual drive for transverse stirring motion
  • Motorized steam hood lifting system with synchronized mechanical drive and integral CIP nozzles
  • Fully enclosed heater, adaptable to natural gas or propane/LPG
  • Insulated fryer body of transverse formed and welded stainless steel sections, welded inside and outside
  • Stainless steel sediment belt and auger
  • Stainless steel discharge belt with steep (36 degrees) discharge angle
  • Pre-filter, belt type, with >5mm (0.2″) particle size filtration
  • Stainless steel centrifugal separator with 950L/min (250gal/min) capacity
  • Belt filter with >60µm particle size
  • Level control pump with fully adjustable level sensors and tool-less detachment for cleaning process
  • Accumulation de-oiling conveyor
  • Automatic slicing system
  • NEMA 4X/IP 65 control panel with 430mm (17″) diagonal touchscreen

optional features

  • Stainless steel steam de-mister module
tna batch-pro 12
model name BP-275
fryer output capacity kg/hr (lbs/hr) 275 (550~600)
heater maximum power kW (hp) (mil. BTUH) 1055 (3.6)
heater tube diameter mm (in) 150 (6)
system dimensions (with slice feed system, motorized hood, filters, accumulation conveyor) length mm (in) 12916 (509)
width mm (in) 3868 (152.3)
discharge conveyor width m (in) 1400 (55)
electrical power kVA 31.2
stirring tine material PTFE (Teflon®, solid)
all above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to product, please confirm when placing your order.
  • Potato Chips
  • processing