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tna intelli-flav OMS 5

on-machine seasoning (OMS) system

tna intelli-flav OMS 5

Deliver consistent coverage and flavour every time with the tna intelli-flav® OMS 5. This on-machine seasoning (OMS) system features a responsive variable mass seasoning function with a dynamic vibratory weigh conveyor, to directly control product, oil spray and flow of seasoning powder into a single drum. Its innovative design enables an accurate proportional amount of seasoning to be evenly applied to products according to the demand of the scale or bagger – for improved coverage and flavour dispersion.

  • Create amazing flavours, looks and texture with perfect and consistent seasoning through gentle product tumbling at optimal speeds.

  • Experience ultimate operational efficiencies by accurately seasoning wet, dry and slurry applications in a single drum.

  • Realise faster return on investment by minimising seasoning waste and giveaway using our unique responsive variable mass seasoning system.

  • Capitalise on the unique tna design that enables accurate seasoning of widest possible range of hot or cold products in a single drum reducing the total cost of ownership.

  • Achieve OEE goals with the up-time advantages of rotating touchscreen that’s accessible from both sides and tool-less drum changeover.

  • Make the production line operator friendly with the ergonomically designed light weight drum that reduces human effort and time in cleaning and product changeovers.

standard features

  • Quick release, lightweight, polymer flavour drum
  • Screw seasoning hopper and auger
  • Volumetric control:
    • spice run out detection
    • rat-holing detection
    • independent bias cut seasoning feeder
  • tna roflo® VM 3 control and weigh conveyor

optional features

  • Loss in weight powder feeder
  • Feed conveyors
  • Integrated spray system
  • LIS module – flavour liquid injection system
  • Bulk fill system
  • Dust extraction
  • Integration with tna robag® and roflo® systems
tna intelli-flav ® OMS 5
product examples popped chips potato chips corn chips nuts
bulk density g/L (oz/gal) 55 (7.3) 65 (8.7) 75 (10) 200 (26.7)
dry capacity kg/hr (lb/hr) 550 (1213) 650 (1433) 750 (1653) 1000 (2204)
oil application rate kg/hr (lbs/hr) 2.5 to 49 (5.5 to 108)
liquid flavour injection rate g/hr (lbs/hr) 540 to 10,800 (1.2 to 23.8)
seasoning rate kg/hr (lb/hr) 0 – 60 (0 – 132)
seasoning hopper capacity L (US gal) 20 (5.3)
power consumption W (hp) 600 (0.8) excludes any heating requirements
voltage VAC 200 – 264 single phase
length mm (in) 2887 (114)
width mm (in) 1237 (49)
height mm (in) 1768 (70)
infeed height mm (in) 1040 (41)
weight kg (lbs) 850 (1874)
drum capacity L (US gal) 60 (16)
all above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to product, please confirm when placing your order.
  • Pellets - Dry
  • Pork Rinds
  • Potato Chips
  • snacks
  • Tortilla Chips
  • seasoning